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Play Professional Basketball In Your Home Country With CVBA

The CVBA is proud to announce our partnership with the Cape Verdean Basketball League (CBL) in empowering Cape Verdean American players to reach their full potential. Together, we are committed to elevating Cape Verdean basketball to new heights and showcasing our rich cultural heritage on a global stage. 

The CBL's goal is to become the top professional basketball league in Africa outside of the NBA BAL and one of the best professional summer basketball leagues in the world. Similar to the CVBA, the CBL is dedicated to growing the game and business of basketball.


CVBA is the CBL’s main sponsor. To find out more please contact us!


The CVBA and CBL have come together to create an innovative program that is set to revolutionize player development. The 'CVBA Nova Força' program provides a unique pathway for elite Cape Verdean American youth athletes to pursue professional basketball, without the constraints of the traditional collegiate route. In partnership with the CBL, we are committed to identifying, training, and recruiting the best Cape Verdean American talent to join our ranks. Only those who are eligible to play NCAA Div 1 basketball in the USA will be considered for the program, and a panel of experts appointed by the CVBA and CBL will hand-pick the Nova Força players. Once selected, the pool of Nova Força players will enter into a contract with the CBL and be placed on CBL teams. This joint venture will not only elevate Cape Verdean basketball to new heights, but also create a unique platform for talented young athletes to showcase their skills. We are excited to work closely with the CBL to empower the next generation of basketball stars.

To learn more about the CBL, please visit their official website at

The CBL Launch 2023

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