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Creating Community Leaders Who Shine On And Off The Court

Here at CVBA, we see the game of basketball as so much more than just a competitive sport. Basketball is a vehicle. It leads to well-rounded sense of commitment, teamwork, responsibility, leadership, and self-discipline. These attributes can lead directly to a career as a professional athlete or give our players a competitive advantage in any career field.

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We provide truly world-class opportunities, coaching, and character development for talented basketball players of all ages who see themselves playing professionally, or want to make their mark on the world one way or another.

Throughout every CVBA basketball “season”, we invite our athletes and their families to join us in …

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Inspiring national and international events, tournaments, championships, and educational travel

Career-focused educational resources designed to mold our players into leaders, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking citizens

Community-centric galas and expos, made for bringing our community of Cape Verdean Americans together in one place

Exclusively designed CVBA team merchandise, which gives us the ability to represent ourselves with pride and to create more resources and opportunities for youth outreach programs

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